Viral Respiratory Illness Toolkit: Long Term Care Facility Guide

29 Sep, 2022

How to manage viral respiratory illness (VRI) in your facility. Organized by sections beneath individual file links.

Section 1: Introduction

This page contains resources for managing Viral Respiratory Illness (VRI) in your facility. Please review the resources below for the upcoming respiratory illness season. Pre-season planning will assist with the control of respiratory outbreaks in your facility.

Section 2: Protocols 

Section 3: Getting Ready 

Section 4: Outbreak Management 

Section 5: Testing

Section 6: Antivirals


Section 7: Outbreak and Immunization Report Forms

Section 8: Immunizations 

Section 9: Other Long-Term Care Resources

Section 10: Contact Information 

  • If you have questions, please contact VCH Communicable Disease Control team at 604-675-3900 Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30am to 5:00pm (excluding stat holidays) or by emailing