School age immunization campaign

School age immunization campaign

01 Sep, 2019

New July 1st regulation for the gathering of immunization records by public health.

BC's new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation came into effect on July 1, 2019. It supports the gathering of immunization records by public health.  The regulation applies to all students in all schools within the Province's jurisdiction. This includes international students and those who are home-schooled.  It does not apply to children attending schools in First Nations communities.

Gathering this information is important. It helps us to respond quickly to outbreaks in schools and helps everyone get back to learning as soon as possible.

Immunization record review and catch-up campaign for school age children

Public health is in the process of reviewing immunization records we have on file for all children who attend school within Vancouver Coastal boundaries. We already have complete records for many children. Thus, most families will not be contacted or need to take any action. If you are contacted, it may only mean that we need to update some information in our files.

For more information or if you received a letter from us, visit the School age immunization campaign page on Vancouver Coastal Health website.