Get Flu Protection

Get Flu Protection

Influenza or "flu" is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by a virus. It can cause serious illness and even death. Your best defence is to get your flu shot every year.

Flu campaign for health professionals

Protect your patients from influenza. The flu can be deadly, but the vaccine is safe.

Flu Beat

Resources and updates to stay safe from flu
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VCH Non Health Care Setting Respiratory Illness Investigation Workflow

Respiratory follow-up guide for non health care settings

10 Jun, 2022

Flu Outbreaks

Find a Flu Clinic

Flu clinics offered in Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

20 Oct, 2021


Inactivated Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

Information from HealthLink BC

25 Sep, 2021


Facts about Influenza (Flu)

Information from HealthLink BC

25 Sep, 2021


Why Seniors Should Get the Inactivated Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

Information from HealthLink BC

25 Sep, 2021


Influenza (Flu) immunization: Myths & Facts

Information from HealthLink BC

20 Sep, 2019


FAQs About Pandemic Influenza

Pandemic flu occurs only 2 or 3 times a century, but we have never been as well prepared.

01 Jan, 2015

Flu Outbreaks

H1N1 Pandemic Preparedness Guide

H1N1 Pandemic Preparedness Guide

The pandemic is over but the H1N1 virus will continue to circulate for years to come.

31 Oct, 2009

Flu Outbreaks

Where can I get a flu shot?

  1. At a VCH Public Health clinic.
    Please see details on each clinic as some are on a drop-in basis and others are by appointment.
  2. With your family physician.
  3. At a walk-in or travel clinic.
  4. At a pharmacist. For clinics at pharmacies, use ImmunizeBC's clinic finder.
Find A Flu Clinic
Protecting seniors from the flu

As people age, they become more susceptible to flu-related complications because the immune system weakens as people age. As a result, seniors are less responsive to the standard flu vaccine.

Fluzone High-Dose contains 4 times the antigen of a standard flu vaccine so it can better protect seniors 65 years and older. In one study it was found to be 24% more effective than the regular flu vaccine.  

The vaccine is available at some pharmacies, and at the VCH Travel Clinic for $75. 

Who can get a free seasonal flu shot?

Many people can get their annual flu shot for free. To find out if you are eligible, talk to your health care provider or call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1. Some employers also provide free vaccine to employees.

People at high risk of serious illness from influenza, such as:

  • Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
  • Children under 5 years of age
  • People 65+ years of age
  • People with weakened immune systems or have underlying health conditions such as chronic diseases, asthma and respiratory diseases
  • Aboriginal Peoples (on and off reserve)

People able to transmit or spread influenza to those at high risk of serious illness from influenza including:

  • Health care workers & care providers
  • Household contacts
  • Visitors to health care facility and other patient locations

Other groups who are also eligible to receive the flu shot for free include:

  • First responders such as police, fire fighters, and ambulance attendants
  • Corrections workers
  • Farmers and other people who work with live poultry

See the complete list of people eligible for the free inactivated influenza vaccine.

FAQs about the flu

Yes. Many studies have shown that people who receive the flu shot are better protected against seasonal influenza than those who are not vaccinated.

No. Most vaccines do not even contain the live virus. In rare cases, it can cause respiratory symptoms but it’s still better than getting the illness.

Yes. Vaccines contain minute quantities of ovalbumin that will not cause an allergic reaction.

Fluzone® and Flulaval Tetra® are available for children in BC (2019-2020 flu season).

The FluMist® vaccine, delivered through a spray into the nose, is not available for use in Canada for the 2019-2020 influenza season. Therefore, no live attenuated influenza vaccine given by nasal spray is available and all influenza vaccines will be given by injection.

Immunization saves lives
Immunization saves lives

Flu is the #1 cause of death from a vaccine-preventable illness.

Get the facts on flu
Get the facts on flu

Prevention tips and more, designed for caregivers.

How to wash your hands
How to wash your hands

Hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of infections.